Remote access to Linux desktop from Windows machine

On the Linux machine

I am not sure whether all of these steps are absolutely necessary, but I was following some instructions gleaned from the internet.

As superuser:

In case firewall gives problems:

On Windows machine - Remote Desktop app


Change default gateway for network

I use Fedora (32) and xfce on a computer. I also find it useful to have fixed IP addresses on computers, printers, etc. on the network. When you install Fedora, you can enter all the details about IP addresses, gateway, DNS servers, etc. I had to replace my modem/router the other day, which meant a change of gateway address from to I am sure that there used to be a GUI to do this (in xfce?) but I cannot now find it.

I discovered that the information is in the configuration file at /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-enp1s8. but I could not edit it in a graphical text editor. Thinking about this again, I think now that, had I logged in as root, it would probably have worked. However, that did not occur at the time, so, with hardly any previous experience, I launched vi! That took me back 40 years and needed some Googling to get the basics. I only needed to change 254 to 1.

All I needed to know was that:

Phew! Now done. (06/06/2020)

I can now see that nano would have been a much less stressful text editor! (08/06/2020)

Updated 08/06/2020