Handbrake 1.4 cannot find .NET

Handbrake is a very useful open-source video conversion program.

When I recently updated to v1.4, program wouldn't start, complaining that it needed .NET framework. Going to Microsoft site, I downloaded and installed dotnet-runtime-5.0.8-win64.exe, but got the same error message.

It turns out that you need Windows Desktop version: windowsdesktop-runtime-5.0.8-win64.exe


Items in print queue will not delete

If Printer | Cancel all documents does not work:


Increase size of Virtualbox dynamic disk

I am running Windows 10 in a virtual machine; it was not able to update because virtual disk (only 100GB!) had run out of space.

In Virtualbox: File/Media Manager, you can expand size of virtual disk,
but in the W10 VM I found that it did not appear any larger

Problem was that the layout of the disk (shown in W10 Disk Management) was:
[-system reserved-][-----C:-----][-recovery-][-unallocated-]

This made it impossible to increase the size of the C: drive. Windows Disk Management is not able to move the Recovery partition!

Needed to download (free) third party software, e.g. AOMEI Partiton Assistant.

However ... this caused a lot of problems ... Windows didn't operate properly and the display wouldn't refresh. So I had to Reset PC from the device (i.e. recovery partition). Eventually back to normal, but it seemed to need a couple of goes at updating windows!

There are now two recovery partitions, but they are at the end and relatively small.


Stop the opening/lock screen changing and asking whether you are a fan!

Updated 2021-08-09