St George - A Patriotic Medley - 1999

The introduction would let you believe this was going to be Parry's 'Jerusalem, but the tenor and baritone soloists sing 'Rule Britannia'. The first speaker delivers St Crispin's Day speech. Basses start 'Heart of Oak', but it is altos who sing the tune, with much play on 'up my lads', 'they're ready' and 'steady, boys, steady'! The chorus hums Nimrod, under the second speaker's 'Oh to be in England'. Soloists strike up with 'There'll always be an England', and as the chorus continues humming this, the third speaker, starts 'This royal throne of kings'. After a sentimental resurgence of the tune, the piano starts the Dambusters' March. As the chorus continues this tune in a rather camp fashion, the fourth speaker gives us 'For all we have and are', the words of which fit rather well to a later part of the Dambusters March. The chorus's 'Land of Hope and Glory' is decorated by the tenor soloist's reprise of 'Rule Britannia' and 'Heart of Oak'. The introduction to 'Jerusalem' introduces a Hollywood ending.