Various Music

This is a very miscellaneous collection of songs and music, which I have parodied for performance at various events.

Baggins' Birthday Written for a parody of 'Lord of the Rings'.
At the start of the show, the Hobbits gather to celebrate Bilbo's eleventy-first birthday, set to Wagner's procession of the Mastersingers.
Arranged for ATB chorus.
PDF .ly
Billy's Jeans A parody of the Michael Jackson song (for tenor). PDF .ly mp3
Caesar adsum The mock Latin poem 'Caesar adsum jam forti', set in a mediaeval, plainsong, organum way to the 'Dies irae' phrase.
Arranged for TBarBB.
PDF .ly
Chinese Takeaway A verse about being ill after eating a Chinese takeaway, to the tune of Hernado's Hideaway. (Preferably sung after spewing out a mouthful of vegetable soup into a bucket!!) PDF .ly
True Love The Cole Porter song arranged for a parody of Shakespeare - 'Macbeth the Musical', in which the essence of the plot is enlivened by songs from the shows! This duet is sung by Macduff and Macbeth in the final scene, as Macduff kills Macbeth!
Arranged for alto solo, baritone solo, ATBarB chorus.
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St George - A Patriotic Medley A rather camp mash-up of traditional, patriotic words and music, arranged for tenor solo, baritone solo, AATTBB chorus.
See these notes for further details.
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Updated 2022-05-11